Biographie de l'auteur
Brief Biography of the author

Dr. David Ian Wimpenny

Head of rapid Prototyping & Tooling Research
Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG)

In 1992 he founded the Rapid Prototyping & Tooling (RP&T) research team within WMG. This was the first University research team in the UK to purchase rapid prototyping equipment (Maminated Object Manufacturing - LOM2030). In 1995 the research group formed a partnership with Rover group's Rapid Prototyping department to form the largest rapid prototyping group in the UK.

Head of the RP&T reach team, with a track record of successfully establishing and managing industrial, UK government en European funded research programmes. these include a 3 year DTI project, numerous applied research projects with Rover and other industrial organisations (large and small).
The RP&T research team has recently started a 3 year research project funded by EPSRC (IMI - Aerospace). This project (total value £ 1.4M) is being conducted in collaboration with Leeds and Liverpool Universities and several industrial sponsors.

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