Biographie de l'auteur
Brief Biography of the author

Prof. Dr. Gideon N. Levy

Prof. Dr. Gideon N. Levy (Born 1942 in Jerusalem) Studied at IIT (Technion Israel Institute of Technology Haifa) B.Sc. (1966): Mechanical Engineering (cum lauda), M.Sc. (1968): Control Engineering, D.Sc. (1972): Manufacturing Technology

AGIE AG for Industrial Electronic Switzerland, EDM (Electro Discharge Machining) Technologies, Product management.

Head of R&D department AGIE.

Soudronic AG, Technical vice president , Welding Technologies, Technology Management.
TTA Technology Turn Around; Industrial Consulting, particularly start-up companies consulting.

Head of department Mechatronics and Head of the Centre for Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping at the University of Applied Sciences (ISG) St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Prof. Levy’s career has been mainly in advanced R&D in Mechanical / Electronic world with leading Swiss machinery industries. Specialising in Manufacturing technologies, Technology management, Market - Product strategies, key customers, industrial, scientific, technical and practical aspects of product design and manufacture, market launch and technology transfer. A wide range of academic activities has also been maintained ( MTDR, ISEM, SME, CIRP, etc.) Management of human resources management and education are ongoing activities (19 Patents; 50 Publications)